Nike Free Run

Free Run - a series of running shoes designed specifically for running. They have excellent flexibility and are suitable for runners of different categories. Nike Free Run offers really make a difference on the effect of running barefoot with good cushioning, traction and protection of the foot compared to conventional running shoes.

Nike Free Run Models

The uniqueness of these shoes immediately visible on their appearance, especially the soles. If you go back a little in history, the official version of the company's Nike sounds. Once a group of young, creative employees of the company attended the Nike athletes training at Stanford. They were very surprised when he saw that those trained barefoot. The coach explained to them that barefoot human foot moves in a natural way, to give greater load by about 20%.

Thus the muscles are developed and it allows better and more harmoniously to achieve the best performance when running. So the idea of ​​creating a training shoe that would be most suited to the movement of the human foot, imitate barefoot jogging. On the creation of the first Nike Free Run took about eight years of research.

A group of men and women were selected who fled barefoot and high-speed cameras recorded every movement of the legs. The first Nike Free Run Shoes were very enthusiastic acceptance of athletes.

Subsequent series were produced in such a way that they were not only running shoes jogging training and appropriate fashion and sports shoes for daily use.

Perfect fit

System dynamic fit to the foot due to the use of special soft materials best adapts shoes specifically for your feet.


The grooves along the length and width of the sole to increase flexibility and help maintain stability for a more natural step. For added flexibility and assistance in the development of leg strength in running shoes are diagonal cuts in the area of ​​the foot arch.

The absence of seams

Easy support in those places where it is needed, with a special overlay materials that create a feeling of lack of seams.

Photos of models nike free stock ranUznavaemy futuristic design Nike Free Run

History of creation

After learning that Stanford athletes train barefoot on the university golf course, three of Nike's most creative employees of the company decided to develop a life-shoes with a light weight, which would have felt the effect of bare feet. In 2002, they conducted a study with a group of men and women who are on their feet special insoles that measure the pressure force to be secured. In this case we used a special high-speed camera that takes pictures of each step in the movement. Team eight years studying the mechanics of running barefoot. The results gave a deep understanding of the natural angle of the foot landing, the pressure and the position of the fingers. This allowed Nike designers to create innovative and highly flexible running shoes.

Evolution Max

There are several series of running shoes Free Run. They differ in the thickness of the sole, and the degree of flexibility effect "bare foot". Maximum flexibility with a minimum thickness of the soles of sneakers from Nike Free Run 3.0. Model Free Run 5.0 has the lowest and thickest sole flexibility in series. And shoes Free Run 4.0 keep a balance between these two models.


Reflective design "Swoosh" logo for better visibility in low light conditions.

The special waffle sole design to absorb external impacts and increase responsiveness.

Resistant to abrasion carbon rubber in high-wear for greater durability.

Low-profile outsole also acts as a candle, greatly reducing the total weight of the shoe.