Nike Blazers

Nike Blazers

Since the release of the 2009 reissue of Nike Blazer Vintage, this model has a certain success. For a long time the model was in some way been forgotten, but the bet was made correctly and sneakers became popular mainly in the men's locker room in both versions high and low.

Blazer Why so popular? Due to its simple design with the legendary logo tick. And the reason that we love to wear such a big logo, is that the shoes are one of the most legendary, created of Nike, as they play a key role in its history:

In 1972, Nike has just released Cortez and they were all treadmills Olympic Games in Munich. While the sports sponsorship market was not crowded. Once Nike has implemented a new brand, it was decided to provide the United States products for major sports: athletics, basketball, which were very popular in universities.

George Gervin in Nike Blazer George Gervin aka ICEMAN To achieve this goal in basketball, Nike created a Blazer. Recall that if Nike for any kind of sport was not the know-how, Phil Knight, Bill Bowerman and Jeff Johnson sold the products of other brands to create it. Yes, Blazer does not have any particular technology and are used only for marketing purposes.

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In the original version of the shoes were made of leather with a large showy logo, so that could be seen on NBA players legs, wore them George Gervin, nicknamed «Iceman», the player of the club San Antonio Spurs (San Antonio Spurs) from 1974 until 1985. Nike Blazer keep upgrading to the early 80's in many different versions: high, low, in smooth suede-looking. At that time, Nike began to increase in popularity among skateboarders, Blazer was their favorite choice because of a flat sole and a sleek design. That is why the shoes for skateboarding has been part of the brand product from the beginning of its existence.

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  • Today, Nike Blazer steel for all the classic sneaker, especially for collectors. In some ways, this shoe has been involved in the history of basketball, hence the brand Nike is also closely linked to the story.

    The reasons for the success of Nike Blazer models

    Nike the Blazer sneakers are simple and recognizable design the classic shoe with laces that vdevayutsya six large holes, extended white sole retro style, and a large Nike A check mark on the side. It would appear that this model is traditional and ordinary, but brand designers have done everything to Nike Blazer liked both athletes and residents of the city streets, therefore complied with all the rules and create a stylish sports shoes. Plastic shoe Nike Blazer is ideally supports the foot, the sole figure is protectionist, which makes it a non-slip, the model form provides excellent lateral support.

    Initially, after the appearance of the model two variations have been released:

    Nike Blazer Low model shoes with low shafted; Nike Blazer High shoes with high tops. Once the levels of sales Nike Blazer showed a surprisingly high rate of growth, it was decided to introduce the production of yet another variation Nike Blazer Mid it's shoes with an average height of the shaft.

    Nike Blazer today

    Nike Blazers Today

    The popularity of sneakers Nike the Blazer becomes smaller even with the passage of time, so the company does not Nike suspends release of model today. In modern collections of the brand are produced Nike Blazer Vintage. The sole model and aged and acquired light brightens, but the silhouette model remains the same. Modern collection of Nike Blazer include models in different colors, made of leather, suede or textiles.