Nike Air Max 1 - history of American revolutionary model

Nike back in 1978 decided on a bold revolutionary solution in the development of running shoes. Before artists had the task of creating such a comfortable shoe, which had not yet been invented by any competitor. Air model was a runaway success, because it was the first version of the well-known today, sneaker with cushioning effect. Today we are not surprised at how springy gait is anyone who shoes running shoes or basketball game. But in those days, this invention seemed to triumph brand and a breakthrough in the new world where sports accessories special attention.

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After 9 years of Tinker Hatfield he offered to the world the first shoes, where theft was not inside the product, and on its front side. Critics pored over the new sneakers, expressing doubts about the effectiveness of their use in sports. But the well-known runners and basketball players proved daily that it is these shoes helps them to gain victories, demonstrating unprecedented tricks during the game. This was the reason for the drop in doubt Nike and Hatfield Tankers that have chosen the right path of development of the shoe industry.

For a long thirty years came to light numerous models proposed by the authors of running and basketball shoe. Reference to the mistakes of the past and the ever-changing requirements of the owners of the shoe helped create true masterpieces of the footwear world. Triumpher steel Air Maxim 1.

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to trace the history of improving the lineup, to understand how rich the history of the birth of Air Max 1.

Nike Air Max 1 review

WAFFLE TRAINER (1974). "Wafers" allowed the athletes to feel like a real player. Sole gave the feeling of lightness, "squared" Many runners "wings". It was invented by Bill Bauermann. The founder of Nike industry proposed an innovative solution for sports shoes, received the support and approval among the participants of the competition, and in the circles of sports fans.

TAILWIND (1978). Bubbles of air gained fame during marafana in Honolulu. The excitement among those who want to become the owner of Air-Sole was so great that even after 230 hours shuzov found owners. The model was popular, covered all known at the time of publication.

AIR PACK - AIR MAX 1 (1987). The whole world could become part of the revolution in the world of sports shoes. On sneakers were born with a visible air cushion. The campaign was called Revolutionary, took part in it, even the famous "Beatles".

AIR PACK - AIR SAFARI (1987). Windrunner and Air Max served as the basis for the creation of a single "Safari". It was curious that the model should not be included in the collection of Air Pack, but daredevils Mark Parker and Tinker still dare to present to the world a new model as part of the collection. A good example is how the risk is justified.

AIR MAX 95 (1995). Double sole was the result of creativity of the designer Sergio Lozano. The model quickly gained popularity because of the author's creative solutions.

AIR PRESTO (2000). The model has received an unusual name. Few would think to call the shoes "t-shirt for the feet." What is the reason for such a creative name for shuzov? The secret lies in the fact that the Air Presto perfectly breathable, allowing the foot to "breathe", do not have a standard laces, and heel portion has its own nuance (it should be slightly fold it back at obuvanii shuzov). Perfect fit for any foot allows you to position the model as the most comfortable athletic shoes.

NIKE FREE (2005). The model allows you to feel the revolutionary freedom when running. It should focus on such characteristics as ease of the upper part of the shoe and excellent flexibility of the sole of Philo. You barefoot or on your feet still have running shoes? With the Nike Free, you can begin to doubt when answering this question.

AIR VICTORY FLYWIRE (2008). Heavy-duty support stops there, where maximum fixation, is the hallmark released in summer 2008 shoes. Development of design has been applied and released later on Air Max 1 model.

AIR MAX 90 CURRENT (2008). The hybrid model was a success due to the skilful "union" of innovative solutions in detail and silhouette beloved fans.

AIR MAXIM 1 (2009). Model "absorbed" in all previous versions of innovative solutions. Minimizing the extent lightness, airiness and comfort ideal for the owner of Air Maxim 1 provided as a result of a long search for perfection every element of sneakers. Enjoy!