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History Nike Air Jordan

In 1984, Nike had been punched in the market now. Sales of running shoes in recession, needed a boost and change in order to reach a new segment of the market. At this time rookie Michael Jordan has supported multiple products. Nike hoped that his involvement stimulates sales. Jordan thought otherwise. He always preferred Adidas and Converse, as well as his coach at North Carolina, Dean Smith (Dean Smith), and he hoped to sign a contract with anyone of them. Converse has represented Larry Bird (Larry Bird) and Magic Johnson (Magic Johnson). These companies could not and would not offer terms more favorable than Nike. Adidas also did not see the point. While Michael himself did not see the sense in the Nike offer. His agent David Falk (David Falk) decided not to miss their offers to create a new line of shoes called "Air Jordan" and persuaded Michael to give Nike a chance.

At the same time, the very players support the idea of ​​any product was not popular. Only a few companies ventured a big part of the budget, making a bet on one athlete to advertise their products. Athlete paid money for what he was clothed, and only then was the point. Perhaps Michael explained his indifference loyalty products Converse and Adidas.

Michael Jordan

Despite this Nike saw something special in Michael Jordan. They saw a chance, an opportunity. He was a personality. It was decided to start a line. They knew from the beginning that he would become a star, and would strongly contributed to this. As a result, after the conviction of managers and parents who are new reluctantly agreed to fly to Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon, to watch a special video presentation. There he will declare its unwillingness to cooperate with Nike. The presentation was a slow-motion footage of his games in college music "Jump" group Pointer Sisters. Chief designer Nike Peter Moore (Peter Moore) showed the outline of sneakers AJ1, clothes. All in red and black color scheme. Michael with even less enthusiasm said "I can not wear it. It's the devil's color". All this time, Jordan did not show any interest. When they came to Falk, he told the agent, "Let's make the deal."

Nike entered into a contract with him for 2.5 million for 5 years, plus interest and additional privileges. Peter Moore created the first Air Jordan logo the ball from the wings. The advent of Air Jordan I turned the industry of sports shoes upside down. Prior to this, most basketball shoes were white. Bold, black and red, Jordan I looked mockery of tradition. NBA in response banned the shoes in the league. Despite that Jordan wore them anyway, paying fines of up to 5,000 per game. Of course, of Nike we were happy to pay the money, only to have all seen their running shoes on the feet of the player. All this opposition and entertaining game Michael that year did the well-known line of Air Jordan.

The original design of the first model developed Peter Moore. The first shoes were released in 1985 in black and red colors. The first on the court they appeared promising young basketball player Michael Jordan. National Basketball Association fined him each game for $ 5000 for non-compliance to the rules of sneakers colors. But Nike is benefited, there have beaten it as a publicity stunt. As a result of increased sales of sneakers crazy pace, and Jordan at the end of the year I received the trophy "Rookie of the Year."


Michael Jordan

After winning the 1986-87 Slam Dunk competition in Seattle Colliseum logo changed to the famous Jumpman before today. Air Jordan II Output in part due to their high price was not anything outstanding designers Peter Moore and Rob Strasser (Rob Strasser) withdrew from Nike to establish his own company. They were looking for the location of Jordan, in the hope to build a business around it. This proved to be a turning point in the development of the line. It was in this year's Air Jordan revenue comes Tinker Hatfield (Tinker Hatfield). He's doing something new, what has not yet been heard by anybody. First of all, he's one-on-one talk with Michael, said his opinion about design. No one before so not suited to the development of sports shoes, and the views of Michael until no one was interested. Father advised basketball player to reckon with the people, do your job well. As a result, Michael has been involved in the footwear and apparel design process, which has a positive impact on his attitude to Nike. At the request of Jordan's Air Jordan III was shortened by a quarter and are made of high quality and lightweight material. This unconventional approach to the design of Air Jordan III was taken in the best sellers. Tinker continued development of the model range to Jordan XV. With their second release and departure of Jordan they both moved away from the Jordan line and other designers have carried on their business.


Air Jordan was part of Nike, Inc. until the end of 1997. Nike followed a new marketing plan, and Jordan becomes a sub-brand of Nike. This event marked the release of Air Jordan XIII. From this point on the Jordan Brand products no name or Nike Swoosh logo. The only thing that binds Nike headquarters address for warranty claims.

Sneakers, changed the world

Air Jordan were among the best-selling basketball shoe since its establishment in 1985. Jordan known brand. Much of this success is based on the fact that the design since Jordan III to recent models involved himself Michael. Designers have used his ideas, taking into account his hobbies and other aspects of life. Implement them in their projects. Many of the shoes are designed in the likeness of Michael's car. There is speculation that after the great player's line of Air Jordan will end on the Jordan XXIII (23). No matter what happens to the nominal ruler of Air Jordan basketball shoes, you can bet that its tradition of quality, style will live for a long time.